With MeetinVR, teams can meet in virtual spaces where they can interact naturally, discuss creative and complex ideas and review 3D designs – all with better accuracy and ease than ever before.

If you work in a creative environment, you know how hard and complex it is to share ideas using existing communication solutions. Sharing a screen is just not enough when you are in the middle of approving a design concept. Also, the whole iterative process could be painfully long unless you have your whole team in the same room. Which is why it happens that even after a design process is supposedly complete, you’d still have to make ‘a few’ adjustments. We’ve all been there.

These were the main reasons behind the idea of MeetinVR: we want to build the ideal VR space for advanced remote collaboration and create an optimal work environment without the limitations of reality. We envision that in the future VR will play a major role in all collaborative processes and we want MeetinVR to be there when it happens.

What does the future of workspace look like?

You will be able to…

  • Choose from a set of templates that are specifically designed for an efficient workflow.
  • Create your own workspace with meeting rooms according to your project demands.
  • Allow access to meeting rooms with an invitation.
  • Personalise the workspace with logos, colour themes and other promotional tools.
  • Upload and interact with various media files: images, videos, PDFs, 360 files, 3D models.
  • Interact with widgets that resemble real life objects (TV screen, whiteboards, Trello board etc). Customise any element for more advanced ways of interaction.
  • Integrate MeetinVR with communication tools like Slack, Trello or email providers. All screenshots, memos or recordings from the virtual meeting can be sent to your inbox.

Want a taste of that? Check the video below

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for upcoming updates.