1. Why choose MeetinVR over Zoom, Teams, Miro, or Mural?

Studies show that attendee focus is significantly higher in VR, making it the ideal choice for optimizing engagement and fostering meaningful social interactions. Experience the future of remote team collaboration with MeetinVR and enhance team cohesion.

2. What’s the maximum number of simultaneous users in MeetinVR?

MeetinVR, a great collaboration platform, offers dynamic meeting experiences. The number of participants on standalone VR headsets like Pico Neo and Oculus Quest depends on the meeting’s content. For passive presentations, accommodate up to 33 participants, while active workshops are best suited for groups of up to 20.

3. Can I host events with MeetinVR?

Elevate your events and conferences with a VIP VR experience. While the possibilities are endless, keep in mind that current VR headset capabilities recommend limiting socializing to 20 participants simultaneously.

4. How to design or import custom rooms in MeetinVR?

Unleash your creativity with custom VR rooms. Partnering with experienced XR digital agency VR Owl, we can bring your vision to life. Design a room tailored to your requirements or replicate your physical space in the digital realm. If you already have 3D room files (preferably in .fbx or .gltf format), we can help you out as well. Contact us for a price estimate.

5. Looking for a pricing model for workshop use-cases?

Sign up for a Pro license with a credit card or reach out to [email protected] for flexible licensing options that suit your workshop needs.

7. Which VR headsets are compatible with MeetinVR?

MeetinVR seamlessly integrates with popular VR devices, including Pico Neo 3, Pico 4, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3. Additionally, our MeetinVR Desktop application allows you to join meetings from your PC for added convenience.

6. What’s the licensing model for educational use?

For educational purposes, contact [email protected] to explore our special pricing offers designed to support the world of learning.

8. Discover our media format compatibility.

Explore our list of supported media formats here. If you’re curious about the types of 3D models you can upload, click here for more details.

9. Need VR Headsets for proof of concepts and pilots?

Leverage our partnership with the best XR hardware provider in Europe, VR Expert, to secure VR hardware for rentals and purchases. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

10. Joining VR meetings without a headset

While VR immersion is our primary focus, we offer an advanced desktop version for Windows users. Get a taste of the VR experience without the headset.

11. Access limitations: tablets and phones

Please note that our platform is currently designed for structured meetings and workshops, and mobile device access is not available at this time.

12. Accessing your PC from VR

MeetinVR is your hub for dynamic meetings and workshops, prioritizing collaborative experiences. You can easily access necessary files by uploading them to your MeetinVR dashboard.

13. Inviting guests to your meetings and workshops

Unlicensed guests can actively participate in meetings and workshops hosted within your MeetinVR organization.

14. Need help with MeetinVR?

Explore our comprehensive knowledge base or reach out to our dedicated support team at [email protected] or contact sales at [email protected] for personalized guidance.

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