1. Why should we meet in VR, when we can use Zoom / Team, Miro / Mural?

Studies suggest that attendee focus is higher when meeting in Virtual Reality. Therefore when aiming to optimize engagement and virtual social interactions it makes sense to use a solution like MeetinVR. The technology also empowers remote teams and improves team cohesion, so companies are meeting in this setting to feel more connected and present.

2. How many simultaneous users can attend a meeting / workshop?

MeetinVR is a small-scale collaboration platform and the maximum number of participants on standalone VR headsets (such as Pico Neo and Oculus Quest) depends on the activity during the meetings and the amount of content (3D models, slides, drawings, images) present in the 3D space. For passive slide & video presentations, there can be up to 33 participants, while for active workshop scenarios we do not recommend exceeding 20.

3. Can we do an event using MeetinVR?

Although MeetinVR is not an event platform, we encourage you to add VR to your events and conferences as a side VIP activity. Note that limited to current VR headsets capabilities, we do not recommend having more than 20 people in the same space socializing simultaneously.

4. Can we design / import our own custom rooms?

Absolutely, we can either design a room based on your requirements or recreate a digital twin of an existing room from your Headquarters, Customer Experience Center, Innovation Lab, etc. If you have the 3D files of the rooms already (ideally in .fbx or .gltf) the implementation price will be significantly lower. To get the price estimate, please reach out.

5. I want to do workshops and will have many rotating one-time users, is there a pricing model for such use-case?

Yes, we have 2 pricing models. First is tailored to internal meetings when every user is licensed. The price for a user / month depends on the number of users. For more details please contact MeetinVR representatives. The second pricing is made for workshop facilitators and we sell session-based subscriptions: 2, 5, or 10 renewable sessions per month. We can obviously compromise if you want to combine the license models. In that case, we would estimate your usage and propose a custom flat license fee.

6. What is a licensing model for Education?

We have very competitive pricing for educational institutions as we license teachers only. The minimum is 5 teachers and the cost is 35€ per teacher monthly. So the minimum is 175€ / month.

7. Which headsets do you support?

You can find a list of currently supported Head-Mounted Displays here.

8. What media formats do you support?

See the list of supported media formats here. If you are interested to know what kind of 3D models you can upload, click here.

9. Do you provide VR headsets for POCs and pilots?

No, we are a software company and do not provide hardware for your VR projects. However, we can recommend the best VR headsets to purchase or rent.

10. Can I join without a VR headset?

Although the platform is made for VR use-case as the main value is immersion and a sense of presence, we do have an advanced desktop version for people joining from MacOS and Windows.

11. Can people join from a tablet or phone?

No, currently we are focusing on planned and structured meetings / workshops. There is no way to join on mobile devices.

12. Can I access my PC while being in VR?

No, MeetinVR is a tool focused on dynamic meetings / workshops rather than individual work. Therefore our features are optimized for a comfortable collaboration experience.

13. Can invite guests, if so will they be licensed?

Yes, un-licensed guests can participate in meeting / workshops created in your MeetinVR organization.

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