For Workshops and Presentations

Open but a compact location for larger-scale workshops

32 seats are available in the presentation area

6 breakout areas, each with 6 seats and a separate whiteboard

Sound-isolated breakout spaces for teams working separately

Brand logos can be “embedded” underneath the virtual screen

Up to 32 simultaneous users

For Celebrations, Networking and Team Building

A luxurious, modern and spacious environment build for social interactions

Multiple floors with a central stage, fireplace, and a number of networking areas

Multi-screen casting for video presentations and party time

Perfect location for networking events, celebrations and team hangouts

Confetti gun for an optimal fun

Up to 32 simultaneous users

For Highly Focused Conversations

6 available seats

12 different environments to choose from according to your preference or mood

Access and extract media files via tablet

Ideal for strategic & high-level planning meetings

Perfect for introductory meetings and for on-boarding new users to VR meetings

Great for short conversations and quick updates

For Brainstorming
and Co-Creation

Up to 20 simultaneous users

6 whiteboards which can be filled with sticky notes, drawings and media files

Whiteboards can be saved and exported as images

The whole 3D space can be used for mind-mapping by drawing and placing media and notes in mid air

Persistent content allows you to get back to your brainstorming sessions

Ideal for brainstorming sessions, design sprints, workshops, creative planning and storyboarding

For Keynote Speeches

32 available seats

Great for delivering highly engaging and memorable presentations

Big screen to which you can cast your media files such as images, videos and presentations

Ideal for hosting keynotes, product showcases, announcements, workshops & seminars

For Scrum and other Agile Meetings

Up to 12 simultaneous users

“Classic” format to which everyone is accustomed to

Screen for casting media files

Ideal for stand-up meetings & team updates

Great for presentations, reviews & investor pitches

Perfect for planning and decision making sessions for casting media files

For Recording Interviews and Podcasts

A futuristic studio floating in the space

2 seats on the stage for a host and a guest

10 seats in the audience for the spectators

Camera setup recording up to 5 video angles

Up to 12 simultaneous users

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