As hard as it might seem to foresee the evolution of technology, we looked at the latest trends in 2018 to see what’s next! We gathered some predictions about the development and adoption of VR in the market. Knock-knock, the future is at the door! Are you ready to go virtual?

Is VR becoming the technology of this year?

Some would associate the development of VR and AR with the evolution of 3D printing. All  took years to develop and their escalation in the mass market is a slow process compared to other technologies. However, niche industries have already incorporated VR in their daily operations. This shows that technology adoption is an ongoing process. The same thing happened to 3D printing: even though its debut was shy, the digital industrial revolution and rapid development of devices contributed to a successful integration in niche fields.

VR technology to die for

And since we mentioned devices, 2018 looks promising as well! A major draw-back from having a good virtual reality experience is the necessity of advanced PC hardware. Luckily, some manufacturers have announced major improvements in their products and there are rumours that very soon we won’t need to use a PC or a phone for VR. Needless to mention, the overall quality of VR hardware is improving constantly, while the prices are getting lower. Need any other reasons to embracing going virtual?

Innovations that sound out of this world

You would probably think the same when you hear that there are people out there who are trying to make a solution to control the virtual reality games with the mind. Will it be possible? We can only hope so! But, besides this ludacris (and so much expected) development, others have started to improve the technologies to the point that one can manipulate the virtual interaction with the use of data gloves or motion detectors. Those will be really handy when we will want to maneuver that pen or eraser, no?

Promising future for social VR

Bigger players are entering the social VR scene and this anticipates a rise in the adoption by mass market. Some say that by the end of this year a leading social VR platform will dominate the market. We are proud to be the first social VR platform in Denmark and among the first business meeting platforms in the world! Our platform enables your company to meet in interactive virtual spaces that are easily customizable according to your team’s needs (read more about us here).

All in all, 2018 seems to be a great year for virtual reality. We have a solid base that can only push us further to do breathtaking improvements. Great devices, mind blowing innovations and social VR platforms are the latest trends. We are creating our own future.