+1.500 attendees, +50 exhibitors, +30 speakers, +10 VR experiences, 4 panels, 4 workshops: CopenX brings together likeminded individuals to explore how immersive technologies will impact social, cultural and business structures.  We’re talking AR, VR, MR, AI, Blockchain and more.

Custom immersive experiences

Personalized content for marketing purposes is on the rise. As such, companies like Purple Pill, Virsabi,  Mettle or VRimmerse deliver custom content for businesses who wish to explore innovative ways of connecting with their customers.

Khora VR strives to foster the VR community by delivering custom experiences and educating the wider audience about what VR can do. Their walk-in store in Kødbyen is the world’s first VR shop, and everyone is welcome to come and learn more about VR and its use cases.

Fun times ahead

VR Unicorns Do you feel like playing a game, but are missing a partner? No problem. Play against yourself in Selfie Tennis. See how you fare against yourself, smash the scoreboard and now (thanks to having added AI) smash some ball-people.

Bolvërk Games What would make a VR game more fun than it already is? How about having a replica of your virtual tools? Show your agility in combat and live to tell the tale. In Dreadmire, a turn-based dungeon crawler, you’ll be using a physical crossbow. Or, exterminate pests to restore peace to urban residents. Play Dick Wilde and be the unspoken hero of the day.

Gamers will have been excited to pass by Twitch’s booth, or to put their skills to the test in a CS:GO competition.

Haptic technology

We’re seeing trends shift towards a more seamless merge of immersive technologies into quotidian life, particularly through specialised hardware.

Teslasuit brings a highly responsive haptic suit that transmits pressure, temperature and motion for a fully immersive VR experience. VR Tech puts forward creative hardware designed for museums and art centres – think interactive exhibitions and experiential learning.

As for us…

We’re happy to be among so many innovative companies that contribute to developments in XR. Our platform for remote collaboration complements current uses for VR and solves an ache for businesses who want to innovate their workflow.

Last, but not least, we had a 5 minutes demo on the main stage. Curious to see what we can do in that amount of time? Check out the video below.

Keep an eye on our Youtube channel for insights into our work and key moments from events.