Utrecht, 9th October 2023After a month of hard work from the development team, MeetinVR is launching a new version of the app for all platforms. The Windows, Pico and Meta app has been updated. 

This update, named 35.1.0, is categorized as a minor update, but marks a major step in our commitment to focus on stability and future releases for the platform. The release contains bug fixes and small tweaks for future releases. The notable changes in this build are listed below.

Connectivity to other versions – Since MeetinVR is used in multiple business processes, updates should not disrupt this flow. From this version onwards, compatibility with other versions of the MeetinVR app will be maintained whenever possible. For example, when using this new version, you will still be able to see users running 35.0.0.

Password field security on Windows – In VR, when entering your password, the last character entered will be shown. On Windows, this is not ideal; thus, the password input will now be properly hidden. So don’t worry when sharing your screen; your password is safely hidden.

Text and UI touch-ups – Some text and content have been updated to be clearer and to fix some spelling mistakes.

Guest updates – We have fixed some issues where Guest users could have a suboptimal experience, most notably, we have fixed an error where the message “Failed to create guest, go back to try again” would show.

Avatar fixes – We have solved an issue where using identical avatars could lead to some shared and/or hidden body parts.

How to update

We highly recommend you update to the latest version. To update, please follow the steps taken to install MeetinVR for your specific platform.

Meta Quest – The update should automatically install. If this does not happen, visit the app details in the Meta App Store and press the update button.

Pico Enterprise – If you have access to the Enterprise Pico store, find MeetinVR on the store, and press the update button.

Pico 4 Consumer – Install the APK file directly. You can download the APK on our Downloads page.

Windows Download the latest version and launch the installer to update your existing app.

What’s next

Our work doesn’t stop here. The next (minor) version, (35.2.0), is already in the works. We plan to launch this version in Q4 2023. The next major version (36.0.0) is planned for Q1 2024. We cannot share exact details on this new version, but you can expect a big upgrade in MeetinVR’s ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates.