Utrecht, 16th November 2023MeetinVR has finished another development iteration of its MeetinVR client app. This release contains myriads of stability and quality of life improvements.  Most notably we now fully support the Quest 3 headset!

The new version is versioned as 35.2.0, categorized as a minor update, and thus compatible with previous versions. Updating is strongly recommended to improve the MeetinVR experience. If you are interested in all the new and improved aspects of the application,  read the changes listed below.

Quest 3 compatibility – The application has been tested and validated on Quest 3. Compared to the previous version, the application will now render images correctly, as well as some stability fixes on the files feature.

Reduce download size – The download size of the app has been reduced by about 200 megabytes.

Signed Windows build – To enhance usability and trust, we are now signing our Windows builds using our company certificate.

Improve visibility of whiteboard notes – We’ve improved MeetinVR’s rendering of notes on a whiteboard. Improving the readability.

Avatar improvements – Some Ready Player Me avatars were showing the wrong colors on the hands and sleeves. This issue has been resolved.

Fix Note overflow – Improve text handling on notes. Which prevents text from being hidden.

Fix room thumbnail loading – Some room thumbnails were not loading properly. This is now resolved.

Improvements in object throwing – To remove objects, you can throw them in space. We’ve improved some inconsistencies in throwing items. The throwing experience has been improved.

Pen spawning – You now no longer need to perform an action on the tablet to make the pen respawn after throwing it away.

Skip tutorial on Windows – You can now skip the tutorial video on Windows.

Improve guest avatar selection – We have fixed issues when browsing Guest avatars.

Note UI casting fix – We have resolved an issue where casting a note can break the UI in Windows.

Improve room loading mechanisms – Improvements have been made to allow better updating and caching of room data.

Prevent tablet removal in login screen – You can no longer delete the tablet in the login scene. This ensures you no longer have to use your watch to respawn it.

Windows mouse cursor improvement – Fixed issues where the Windows mouse cursor was not properly aligned.

How to update

We highly recommend you update to the latest version. To update, please follow the steps taken to install MeetinVR for your specific platform.

Meta Quest – The update should automatically install. If this does not happen, visit the app details in the Meta App Store and press the update button.

Pico Enterprise – If you have access to the Enterprise Pico store, find MeetinVR on the store, and press the update button.

Pico 4 Consumer – Install the APK file directly. You can download the APK on our Downloads page.

Windows Download the latest version and launch the installer to update your existing app.

What’s next

We are on schedule to launch our new major version, 36.0.0 in Q1 of 2024. We cannot share exact details on this new version, but you can expect a big upgrade in MeetinVR’s ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates.