February 2024 – As a leading VR Collaboration tool, MeetinVR leverages a web platform to allow team users and administrators to manage their rooms, files, notes and meetings. Today we are excited to announce a whole new, modernized platform to make this process easier, along with a bunch of changes in version 36.0.0. In this article we will go over the changes.

Since the new release, the web platform will be replaced with a new platform called the MeetinVR Dashboard. Using the MeetinVR Dashboard you can more easily manage your collaborative VR sessions from your browser thanks to the newly designed interface.

Try MeetinVR

We know the best way to decide if MeetinVR is right for you, is to try it out! Therefore we have made it easier than ever to try MeetinVR without having to enter Credit Card details, or having a limited featureset or a trial period. From now on, you will be able to use all features of MeetinVR using a watermark. If you need any guidance to get started using MeetinVR, our Sales team is happy to help.

Crystal-clear pricing

Once you are ready to start using MeetinVR, simply purchase a plan to remove the watermark. From now on, MeetinVR pricing have been simplified. You no longer need to pick a specific plan. Instead, you will be able to pay for the amount of users, for a predetermined payment schedule. These subscriptions can be self-managed, renewed, upgraded and downgraded from the dashboard of your team’s administrators.

Tutorial room

To aid new users and ease onboarding for your colleagues, we have created a new Tutorial room. In this room, you can learn all to use all features of MeetinVR in a more interactive way. Walk through this room at your own pace, or guide a group of users together for a collaborative learning experience.

Team management

In the new Dashboard, we have improved the whole user experience. One of the highlights is the new team management interface. Where you can easily assign and revoke licenses. All team members without a license can still use MeetinVR as a trial, but they will see a watermark.

New knowledge base

Our support portal has been overhauled. Along with a new design, we have added two new getting started guides: Getting Started with MeetinVR and Managing a MeetinVR Team. You can visit our new knowledge base here.

Improved meeting invitations

Meeting invitations will now contain times as well as timezones. Whenever you send a meeting invitation to your participants, they will see a link that shows the start time of the meeting in their timezone.

Private rooms

In the new dashboard, you can hide rooms to your team members until you are ready to share it. This can be useful if you want to prepare a room before a meeting. Or you want to temporarily make the room unavailable.

Room Templates

If you have created a room that you want to reuse multiple times, or you want to prevent accidental changes, you can convert it to a template from the new dashboard. Template rooms can be used to spin up new rooms with the same contents. 

Single Sign-On

Allow your users to only login using your enterprise login portal. Ideal for those with extra IT security restrictions. To learn more about this feature, make sure to visit our knowledge base.

Ready to try the new update?

If you are an existing user, make sure to update your app on your device’s app store, and login to the new dashboard.

If you are a new user you can download the app and register for an account to get started.