April 2024 – Discover the New MeetinVR Tutorial Room: A Virtual Guide to Seamless Meetings. We’re excited to introduce the MeetinVR Tutorial Room, your go-to space for getting the hang of everything MeetinVR has to offer.

Your Starting Point

Imagine stepping into the Tutorial Room—a virtual hub that makes it very easy to learn MeetinVR. We’re breaking down the platform in an easy-to-follow way, from basic moves to the cool stuff, all to help you become a virtual meeting pro. The Tutorial Room is structured as a fun game with several challenges, which will help you learn the platform naturally.

Checking Out the Features

  • Getting around: Learn how to move around effortlessly in the virtual world. The Tutorial Room is your safe place to practice moving, teleporting, and interacting with the environment.
  • Get a hand of your tablet and pen: In MeetinVR every user gets their own virtual tablet and pen. Learn how to use these tools trying out different features, such as drawing and annotating.
  • Whiteboard collaboration: Dive into MeetinVR’s interactive whiteboard. See how easy it is to collaborate with your team in real-time, all in the immersive tutorial space.

And these are just some of the features covered in the Tutorial Room. Go and check it out yourself to see what we have prepared for you and your team!

Using What You’ve Learned

Let’s apply what we’ve covered! Explore practical scenarios where MeetinVR features shine. Whether you’re leading a brainstorming session or running a virtual training, the Tutorial Room gives you the skills to make your meetings memorable.

Follow Along!

Grab your VR headset and follow our simple guide in the Tutorial Room. Arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate, create, and connect in the virtual world. Share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with us as you explore and shape the future of virtual meetings with MeetinVR!
Ready to take your virtual collaboration to the next level? Jump into the Tutorial Room now and let us know what you think. We’re here to make your MeetinVR experience extraordinary!

How to access

If you start a meeting in MeetinVR, you will be directly transferred to the tutorial room and can start exploring.
If you are already a user, you can add the Tutorial Room by going to https://dashboard.meetinvr.com/ and adding a New Room in the Rooms section.